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SecureDocs: a secure online e-courier service for everyone

A simple drag and drop interface for sending large files to one or more recipients. SecureDocs includes full encryption, audit tracking, security controls, and unlimited storage. Never lose track of your content again.

We support all windows, apple, and linux computers as well as iphones, Android, and Microsoft mobile devices. And we do this for anyone free up to five times a day.

All content with SecureDocs is encrypted both in transport and in storage. A full security audit is logged and all content is virus scanned before delivery. SecureDocs is the trusted name for medical and financial professionals.

SecureDocs Portal: An icon added to your webpage to receive large files securely

The same simple drag and drop interface, but integrated into your website for ease of use. We provide all integration and will even match the colors of your website. Your vendors can send you content directly and securely from your company website with no IT involvement needed.

SecureDocs Fax: Documents are converted to fax and delivered for you

Your cover page is added, the documents are converted to images (in real time) and delivery is tracked just like any other SecureDocs content. We can even email you back the fax confirmation upon completion.
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