eClaims Workflow
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Features & Benefits
24/7 quick online access
Up to 256bit TLS encryption secures the files from your computer to the recipient.  Banking level security on both the upload and download.
Sending Options
400mb (single file) or 1gb (multi-file) can to be transferred.  Custom options are available.
Tracking Files
Tracking capability on all transactions
Workgroup Options
Can form teams to process inbound and outbound communication.  Shared contact lists are included on all Corporate accounts.
Customized form, subject, expiry and content information
Online Automation
You can replace old fax/courier with instant secure online transfers
Adaptable workflow can deliver documents the way you want them (pdf, in list, sorted, etc.)

No IT Burden
We integrate the button and provide all support and maintenance
Exceeds all PIPEDA privacy requirements

Protect All Users
Full virus scanning and mal-ware removal
Content Expiry
Want to send a document but don’t want it visible on the internet months or years later? All SecureDocs have an expiry date that is adjustable to your situation (the default is 7 days)
Delivery Cancel
Sent the wrong content? Have the terms changed and you no longer wish the recipient to access your material? Registered users can cancel and resend documents with the click of their mouse
Audit Tracking
Know who has read your document, when, where, and how many times
Access Control
All SecureDocs have a maximum number of accesses, to prevent your content from being distributed to unintended persons.

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