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- Modern case management software for the Canadian IME Vendor
- Automation manages doctors, appointments, documents, and tracks costs
- PIPEDA and HIPAA compliant, cloud hosted with SOC audits included
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How Does It Work?

SecureDocs combines encryption, safety and security best practices with a web based application to provide you with the best solution to on-line document transfer. We are extremely user friendly and are both PIPEDA and HIPAA compliant, and the number one choice within the insurance industry for secure document transfer. The following outlines how easy it is to use SecureDocs. Documents are stored on the Secure Server and only released if the user meets the pre-set security criteria and all access is logged. As a registered user, you will be able to monitor the receipt time, frequency, and location, of every retrieval.

What are the technical specifics?

The document is encrypted at the client end using a minimum RSA128 bit encryption (up to 2048 is supported) and transported using SSL to the server.  The server decrypts it in memory, scans it to ensure it's virus free, and is re-encrypted before being stored with the SecureDocs storage system.
When a client makes a valid request for the document, it is decrypted from storage, passed through virus scanning, and delivered to the client using an SSL transport and minimum RSA128 bit encryption.   
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What about PIPEDA, PHIPA, HIPAA Compliance?

PIPEDA: is 100% compliant and is defined as an agent to the custodian.  This level of protection is included in both our personal and commercial versions.  For those working within hospital systems that require two factor authentication, we suggest using the 'verified recipients' option available on the 'more options' section.  All standard and corporate accounts can have this defaulted 'on' to ensure your compliance standards are maintained.  Our systems and services are Canadian and all data is stored within Canada under Canadian Law. 

PHIPA:  This legislation is directed at medical professionals and discusses the collection and disclosure of PHI. is compliant but this does not relieve the medical professional from their responsibilities under this legislation.  More information is available from the Privacy Commissioner of Ontario at 

HIPAA:  USA legislation defines as a conduit due to it's transient storage (the maximum storage allowed for PHI is 6 months) and are included in the HIPAA Conduit Exception Rule.  Similar to a courier, is considered exempt from the BAA agreement requirement.  Please speak with your sales rep for documentation and Insurance coverage for this exception.
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