eClaims Workflow

Inbox and Outbox

The Inbox and Outbox were designed to help user track incoming and outgoing messages. Both are quickly accessible through the menu down the left side of the page and both have similar features described in more detail below.

Inside the Inbox or the Outbox click on a message to open it, to view more details, and for additional options.

Mailbox Filters
By design, the system only shows a maximum of 100 messages on the screen. Manipulating the filters helps the user find a single message or a group of messages related by a sender or a recipient, date range, or other available criteria.


The following icons are used in Inbox and Outbox to quickly show the overall status of each message.   The detailed tracking information and the attachment download history are located under the "Advanced" menu inside the message.
Icon  Description
Icon: all attachments downloaded All attachments in the message were successfully downloaded
Icon: message unopened Attachments in the message have not been downloaded
Icon: attachments partially downloaded Only some attachments were downloaded
Icon: message expired Message has expired - no attachments were downloaded
Icon: message expired Message has expired - only some attachments were downloaded
Icon: message cancelled Message was cancelled – the message is not accessible to recipients
Icon: message expired Notification message could not be delivered

Multiple Recipients in an Outgoing Message

In the Outbox, to quickly view the email addresses for the recipients position the mouse cursor over the words "Multiple Recipients".
Mouse over to show email address
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