eClaims Workflow

Receiving Messages

Click on the link provided in the notification email to access a SecureDocs message.

Please do not reply to the automatically generated email notifications as those are returned to the SecureDocs Support staff.

Possible Problems Opening Messages

SecureDocs offers numerous features and options to help senders protect their messages. Since protection trumps convenience, there might be times where you could be locked out from being able to open up a message. By carefully reading warnings and instructions on the screen, you should be able to quickly resolve any issues.

Here are a few of the most common reasons for not being able to access a message:
  • Password protection: Please contact the sender of the message to provide you with the required password.
  • Expiry date reached: The sender of the message can extend an expiry date without the need to re-send the message.
  • Cancellation: The message was recalled by the sender.
  • Verified Recipients Only: The sender of the message requires the recipient to have a valid and verified SecureDocs login to view the message.

Opening Attachments

All attachments are listed in the Files section on the screen. Click on each file name to download it. Messages containing more than 5 attachments offer a link to download all files at once.

As each attachment has a download limits and an expiry date, it is recommended to download and save the attachment on your computer as soon as possible after receiving the message.

Message Comments

SecureDocs offers a way to exchange notes between the sender and the recipients of the message. The full feature is only available to users with a valid SecureDocs login. Unregistered users can only read notes.

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