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Sending Messages

Sending a Message With Attachment Sending a Message Without Attaching Any Files More Options

SecureDocs supports most major browsers. Drag&Drop functionality in older versions of Internet Explorer requires an install of our ActiveX software. Please review Upload Control help page for additional information.

The uploading time depends on the sender’s available network connection and on the size of the attachments. Progress bar indicates the percentage of completed upload.

Confirmation screen with a SecureDocs Message ID will come up when upload and sending is done.
The message will also be saved in user’s Outbox where it can be tracked.

Sending a Message With Attachments

Click the "New Message" button.  On the "Send Files" page:
  • Send To: Provide email addresses of up to 10 recipients.  To use a contact from an address book simply start typing the name or the email address of the contact and the system will auto complete the entry.
  • Subject Line: Text from this box is copied to the regular email notification sent to the recipient. It is recommended that you exclude any privileged information from the subject line.
  • Comments: provide optional notes for the recipient to read. Comments can also be added to an already sent message - please scroll to the bottom of this page for more information.
  • Attach the documents using any of the following methods:
    Drag & Drop
    When working with any recent version of a popular browser the documents can be dropped anywhere on the sending page. Internet Explorer versions 9 or older running our ActiveX software have a designated drop zone (rectangular area marked with "Drag & Drop Files Into This Box")
    Add Files Button
    Select the files inside the "Open Files" window.  Standard keyboard/mouse shortcuts specific to your operating system can be used to select multiple files at once (for example Ctrl+a to select all files inside a folder using Microsoft Windows).
    Single File Basic Upload
    Try this option if you're using an older browser and our ActiveX software cannot be installed on your computer.  Only one file can be selected at a time but multiple files can still be attached to the message when sending.
  • Additional options can be set using More Options menu explained in more detail at the bottom of this page.
Sending a Message Without Attaching Any Files

The "New Message" button is a split button with a down pointing arrow for additional options. From the options select "New SecureText". Although you're not attaching any documents to the message, the system will automatically convert your text into an attachment that the sender will need to download and open to view.
  • Send To, Subject, and Comments fields functionality is described above.
  • File Name will become the name of the attachment.
  • Content of File Text field will be converted into a simple text file.
More Options

If you're a part of a company with a corporate SecureDocs account some of the options may have already been customized to conform to your company's security requirements and work procedures. Please check with your employer before overriding any default values.

Not all of the following options are available to all users: 
  • Name and email address boxes are already pre-populated but can optionally be changed to use a different reply-to email address.
  • Expiry date and number of downloads restrict access to the message and each attachment contained within it.  Expired messages can no longer be opened by recipient.
  • Require Password For Pickup option allows you to add an extra layer of password protection.  This password must be somehow communicated to the recipient in order to open the message.
  • Send On Behalf of My Group – Corporate users can be grouped for the purpose of sharing the Inbox, Outbox, and recipient address book. When selected, the message will use group designated email address as opposed to user’s individual reply-to email address. Company or group name will be used instead of user’s name.   All replies to the message will be delivered to the group and not the individual sender.
  • Confirm Pickup By Recipients – when set, the system will generate an email to you to confirm when all attachments are downloaded.
  • Allow Comments option grants the recipients ability to post notes on the message. Other factors might prevent the recipients from posting comments regardless of this option.
  • Verified Recipients Only option is used to limit the access to your message to only those recipients with a valid, verified, and an active SecureDocs login
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