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- Modern case management software for the Canadian IME Vendor
- Automation manages doctors, appointments, documents, and tracks costs
- PIPEDA and HIPAA compliant, cloud hosted with SOC audits included

Upload Control

The quickest and easiest way to attach the documents to the message is to use our Drag & Drop feature. It relies on HTML5 technology supported by all recent browsers for computers and mobile devices.
With the Drag & Drop feature the documents can be dropped anywhere on the Send page using a mouse. The Send page also offers an "Add Files" button for those who prefer to use the keyboard shortcuts or when dragging is challenging on a small mobile screen.

Internet Explorer version 9 or older

Our Drag & Drop feature is available for old Internet Explorer versions but it is implemented using an ActiveX component that must be installed on user's computer. The installation takes about 5 seconds and it is only done once. Internet Explorer will prompt the user to install the component upon a first visit to the site.

When using the ActiveX Drag & Drop the files need to dropped into the specific area on the screen labeled "Drag & Drop Files Here".  Dropping files outside of this rectangle will cause the browser to try to open the files instead of attaching them to the message.

In a corporate environment where users are prevented from being able to install software on the computer, a Single File uploader can be used instead.

Single File Uploader - when everything else fails

Using this method does not limit the user to send only one attachment in a message. However, the user will need to attach one file at a time, making the sending process time consuming when multiple attachments need to go out.

The advantage of using the Single File uploader is its independence of all browsers. It doesn't rely on HTML5, ActiveX, of Java and its inoperability is mostly only caused by your device limitations.

Please try using Single File uploader when you are having problems using the Drag & Drop feature.

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