IME Logix, eClaims for IME Vendors
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- Modern case management software for the Canadian IME Vendor
- Automation manages doctors, appointments, documents, and tracks costs
- PIPEDA and HIPAA compliant, cloud hosted with SOC audits included
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Why upgrade?

While the Personal account lets you track all information, you’re limited to send only five messages per day. By upgrading, you’ll be able to send unlimited number of messages and you’ll also gain access to use additional features, including:
  • SecureDocs Portal pages
  • SecureDocs Forms
  • File and group share options
How to upgrade?

We do all the work. Please provide us with a few basic pieces of information via our registration form (no credit card required). After we have a chance to review it, we will be in contact with you to review customization options and to advise when your account setup will be completed.

What is a SecureDocs Portal?

A SecureDocs Portal is analogous to a prepaid self addressed envelope. It is a dedicated sending page with pre-set parameters and your chosen group of staff as the recipient. It allows your clients, contractors, website visitors or anyone else you require to send you documents with a simple drag & drop interface. You’re welcome to request multiple portal pages for each of your teams/departments and as a part of our great service we’re offering to embed the SecureDocs Portal buttons on your website free of charge.

What is a SecureDocs Form?

Online security requires costly SSL certificates and IT support to deploy and renew the certificates. If you need an online form that is secure and always available, let us build it and host it for you. The form can be anything from a simple Contact to a complex Ordering or Referral form. The forms can be available to all visitors to your website or by a controlled access. Some of the most popular features utilized together with our Forms include:
  • User security roles: control your staff’s access to retrieve submitted form information
  • Attachments: your clients can attach documents, images, sound recording, and videos
  • Communication with notes: securely exchange notes with your client
What are the file/group share options?

We disapprove of password sharing; therefore, our Standard and Corporate plans always include unlimited users. As there is often a need for employees to share information, through grouping and security roles, we can customize SecureDocs to accommodate almost any setup that best suits your corporate structure.
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